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Professional Resource Team

For more information about NBCEC’s graduate and extension resources, contact one of the following:

Graduate Resources:

Dr. Mark Enns
Associate Professor of Animal Science
Colorado State University
(970) 491-2722

Dr. Ron Lewis
Associate Professor of Animal Genetics
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
(540) 231-1906

Dr. John Pollak
Professor of Animal Breeding
Cornell University
(607) 255-2846

Dr. Janice Rumph
District Livestock Extension Educator
Adjunct Associate Professor, Animal Science
Michigan State University
(231) 839-3001

Extension Resources:

Dr. Darrh Bullock
Extension Beef Specialist and Professor
University of Kentucky
(859) 257-7514

Dr. Matt Spangler
Associate Professor
University of Nebraska
(402) 472-6489

Dr. Bob Weaber
Extension Beef Specialist
Kansas State University
(785) 532-1460