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Brown Bagger Series:

Materials for Producer Education on Breeding Decisions (2004)


Commercial Ranch Project: The need for DNA parent identification

E. John Pollak, Cornell University

Assigning probabilities of parentage to sires

Richard L. Quaas, Cornell University

QTL discovery at MARC

Eduardo Casas, MARC

Effects of μ-Calpain DNA Tests

Mark Thallman, MARC

Validation of QTL in the industry

Richard L. Quaas

Concept of economically relevant traits

Mark Enns, Colorado State

Feed efficiency

John Pollak

Marker Adjusted EPDs

Steve Kappes, MARC


Tom Jenkins, MARC

Pink eye

Jim Reecy, Iowa State

Multibreed evaluation prototype

Keith Bertrand, University of Georgia

National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium's vision for genetic evaluation

Mark Enns