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Brown Bagger Series:

Reaching for the Higher Fruit (2007)


October 10




October 17



October 24




October 31


Getting a Handle on the Feed Efficiency Trait

Dr. Lisa Kriese-Anderson, Auburn University

Weiguo Cai, David Casey & Jack Dekkers, Iowa State University

Fitting Together the Pieces of the Feed Efficiency Puzzle:

IGF-I as a biomarker or indicator trait for RFI

Gordon Carstens, Texas A&M University

Temperament: Convenience or Production Trait?

Darrell Busby, Iowa State University

Devori W. Beckman, Iowa State University

A. Meyer, R. Kallenbach, M. Kerley, University of Missouri, Columbia

Beef Cattle Molecular Technology Update

Dr. Dick Quaas, Cornell University

Dr. Mike Tess, Montana State University