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Brown Bagger Series:

Selection Decisions: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown (2009)


October 7




October 14




October 21




October 28


  • Utilizing genomic information in selection
    Dr. Matt Spangler , University of Nebraska
  • NBCEC Research Projects Update
    Dr. John Pollak, NBCEC Executive Director, Cornell University
  • Current status on genetic defects4
    Dr. Jonathan Beever, University of Illinois
  • Managing genetic defects in your selection program
    Dr. Tim Smith, USMARC, Nebraska
  • Economic considerations that can impact selection decisions
    Dr. John Lawrence, Iowa State University
  • Fitting your cows to your environment”
    Dr. Harvey Freetly, USMARC, Nebraska
  • Producer response to feed efficiency: survey results
    Dr. Jason Ahola, Colorado State University
  • Biological considerations of selecting for marbling
    Dr. Stephen Smith, Texas A&M University