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Brown Bagger Series:

Advancing Genetic Evaluations to the Next Level (2008)


October 8




October 15




October 22




October 29




November 5


  • DNA Technology Update - Primarily SNP Panels, Oct. 8
    Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, University of California, Davis
  • Sire 2000 Project Report at MARC, Oct. 8
    Larry Kuehn, USDA
  • Application of DNA Technology - Whole Genome Selection, Oct. 15
    Dr. Jerry Taylor, University of Missouri
  • Incorporation of DNA Information into Genetic Evaluations, Oct. 15
    Dr. Steve Kachman, University of Nebraska
  • Angus Conversion to Carcass EPDs Utilizing Ultrasound, Oct. 22
    Sally L. Northcutt, American Angus Association
  • Healthfulness of Beef Project, Oct. 22
    Dr. Richard (JR) Tait, Iowa State University
  • Cattle Health Project, Oct. 29
    Dr. Mark Enns, Colorado State University
  • Cattle Reproduction Project, Oct. 29
    Dr. Milt Thomas, New Mexico State University
  • The Importance of Feed Efficiency to Economic Viability: Issues Relevant to Genetic Evaluation, Nov. 5
    Dr. Dorian Garrick, Iowa State University
  • Update on BIF Guidelines for Feed Efficiency, Nov. 5
    Dr. Denny Crews, Colorado State University