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NBCEC Mission

Develop and implement improved methodologies and technologies for genetic evaluation of beef cattle for the purpose of maximizing the impact genetic programs have on the economic viability, international competitiveness, and sustainability of U.S. beef cattle producers and to provide consumers with affordable and healthy beef products.


  • ESTABLISH AND COORDINATE priorities for genetic evaluation of U.S. beef cattle with the goal of positioning the U.S. as a leader in this area thereby increasing the global competitiveness of the U.S. beef industry.
  • CONSOLIDATE efforts among the four land-grant institutions to conduct research to meet these priorities with the goals of reducing duplication of effort and maximizing the return of useable information to the beef industry.
  • STREAMLINE the process between the development and adoption of new genetic evaluation methodologies by the industry with the goal of ensuring the economic viability and sustainability of producers in the U.S. beef industry.
  • IDENTIFY new traits and technologies for inclusion in genetic programs with the goals of reducing the costs of beef production and providing consumers with a high value, healthy, affordable protein source.
  • CREATE decision-making tools that incorporate the increasing number of traits being evaluated and the increasing amount of information from DNA biotechnology into genetic improvement programs with the goal of optimizing the overall efficiency, product quality/safety, and health of the national cattle herd resource.